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Here is the list of the predatory animals we sell to control plant pests.

This is the workhorse for pest control in your garden.

Lacewing release instructions
Release info for the cards of lacewing eggs.

Lacewing effectiveness
How to evaluate the effectiveness of the lacewing after they have been released.

Praying Mantis
A fascinating insect that is a fun addition to any garden.

Praying Mantis release instructions
Release instructions for the Praying Mantis egg cases.

Persea Mite biology
Info on the predatory mite Neosieulus californicus and its prey, the Persea Mite, a pest of avocados and camphor.

Californicus release instructions
Release info on the predatory mite, N. californicus.

Decollate Snail
Learn about the Decollate Snail, a predator of the Brown Garden Snail, Helix aspersa.

Decollate Snail release instructions
Release info for the Decollate snail.

These popular predators are well known but not very effective if purchased for pest control.

Ladybug release instructions
Release info for Ladybugs.

Release instructions
A compendium of release info for the biocontrol agents sold by

Shipping information
Details on shipping for the bugs you buy at

We want to empower gardeners to reduce pesticide use while getting more connected with the life in their garden.

Insects are a fascinating and incredibly diverse group of animals. This section is created to explore and celebrate the beauty diversity of insects, especially those that are predators or parasites of plant pests.

Find links to other sites concerned with the serious side of the insect world, as well as the wild and wacky.

Get the low down on how ants protect plant pests by driving away beneficial insects.

Describes insecticides made with Bacillus thuringensis, a powerful but safe control agent for caterpillars.

Oil and soap
Discusses the properties of two soft insecticides, horticultural oil and insecticidal soap.

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