Healthy bugs, delivered to you

Preparing for arrival

UPS planes lined up to deliver your bugs

Shipping live insects can be challenging. We want the bugs to arrive in good health, but charge you the smallest amount possible to do so. For each insect we sell, we've found what we believe is the best method for doing this.

We only ship in the 48 lower states of the United States.

Please pay attention to the shipping info for each beneficial insect that appears on the Products page for ordering. When you have the opportunity to chose the shipping method, please use the method described for that product, e.g. UPS 2nd Day delivery for lacewing eggs if you live outside California.

If you are not going to be home to recieve the shipment, you can have the package delivered to you at your workplace. If this won't work for you, make a suitable site at home by placing a box by your front door. The box should be larger than 12" x 6" x 6", preferable quite a bit larger. Lay it on it's side in a shady spot if possible or make some shade for it. Basically, we want to keep the package out of direct sunlight. Place a large sign on the box with something to the affect of "UPS / FedEx - Please leave any packages inside this box" place where a deliveryman can see it. If the UPS driver places your package in a box like this, the health of the bugs is more assured.

These pear flowers are a rite of spring, just like releasing lacewings in your gardenWhat if there is a delay?

The lacewings and praying mantises are shipped as eggs, which are very resistant to extreme temperatures, but even they have their limits. The shipping times have a error margin of one day, so even if the shipment takes an extra day, the bugs should be okay.

The Decollate Snail only ships in southern California and will usually arrive the next day via UPS Ground service. It, too, will be okay if it is delayed one day.

For any of these live products it is important to release them as soon as you can after reciept; either the day you get them or the next day. Please read and follow the release instructions for the species you have purchased. The praying mantis eggs may take several weeks to hatch, so holding them in a jar is the best strategy, as described in the instructions.